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Becoming a landlord is an increasingly attractive option for many people seeking to generate an income for retirement or as less risky investment strategy delivering excellent rates of return.

Even Shelter, the homeless charity, suggests that becoming a landlord and renting out your property may be a good way to help you manage debts. The rental market certainly appears to be booming and there is no scarcity of high street and specialist lenders keen to lend on a buy-to-let basis to more small landlords. However, there are some hard-headed legal implications you need to consider if you plan to start letting property. 

The law relating to landlord and tenant issues is fraught with pitfalls.  Becoming a landlord involves a substantial investment of your time and money as well as compliance with a number of legally enforceable rules, regulations and obligations that you may not have considered, but cannot avoid. We have considerable experience in advising landlords and letting agents of all sizes. Our legal service aims to prevent problems arising in the first place in order to protect your income and investment. If things do go wrong, we aim to rectify them as speedily as possible.


Landlord defence

Landlords may have to go to court from time to time to deal with various issues. If so, we are here to help.



Our expert team of property conveyancing solicitors can take care of all of your conveyancing needs.


Disputes with tenants

If you are in dispute or having problems with a tenant, we can offer expert advice onn how to handle the dispute.


Our dedicated landlord helpline

We provide a helpline where landlords can call to receive expert legal advice.

tenancy agreements

Tenancy agreements

Tenancy agreements are the basis for a sound relationship with tenants. We can create agreements for you.

Landlord services

Legal services for landlords

Professional, proven and accessible legal advice, assistance and services for landlords and tenants.


Buying to Let advice

If you are looking at becoming a landlord, make sure you get the advice you need.

rent arrears

Tenants in arrears

If you are having problems with tenants who are in arrears, talk to our dedicated recoveries team.

dilapitation claims

Dilapidation claims

Dilapidation claims can be complex and tricky to prove. Contact our expert team today to discuss your claim.