Medical Negligence case studies

So you can see how we've helped others in similar situations, we'll keep our medical negligence case studies up-to-date. Not only can they reassure you, but they show just how capable and experienced our specialists are, too.


Access Legal help client after misdiagnosis of Deep Vein Thrombosis

Yvette Allan, a previously fit and active young woman suffered a pulmonary embolism in her lungs which could have been life threatening.


Late diagnosis of vein blockage resulted in unnecessary lower limb amputation

Our client, Mr John Simon was at work when he experienced a sudden, sharp cold pain in his foot, which he described as like 'being impaled by an icicle'. He couldn't walk any more than 200 yards without being in pain.


Compensation for client after keyhole surgery on jaw that damaged hearing

Our client, an otherwise fit and healthy 46 year old woman, had first gone to her GP about a persistent ear ache.


Simple failure to provide aspirin caused lasting harm

Not being given something as simple as an aspirin might sound trivial, but an NHS Trust's failure to do precisely that caused our client long lasting harm.


Breast cancer victim advised by doctors to treat a lump in her breast with primrose oil

Our client's husband, Mohammed Chaudhry lost his wife Samina in December 2012 aged just 33 and it took repeated hospital appointments over a two year period before Northampton General Hospital agreed to a biopsy of her breast.


Compensation for wrongful birth

In May 2011 our client Bernice Quadling attended a routine doctor's appointment for the replacement of a contraceptive implant. She left that appointment believing she had adequate contraception when in fact she did not.


£150,000 compensation for late diagnosis of blockage in vein that resulted in amputation

The clinical negligence team at Access Legal obtained £150,000 compensation on behalf of a client whose delayed diagnosis of blocked arteries resulted in an unnecessary below the knee amputation.


Special Educational Needs: Finlay's Story

Our client Finlay is a bright, sociable and active boy with a keen interest in sports. He has severe bilateral optic atrophy which means he can only see at three metres what others can see at a distance of 60 metres.


Cerebral Palsy: Milly's Story

Denise Stephens, a partner specialising in cerebral palsy claims with Shoosmiths Access Legal, helped Andy and Kate Evans build a better future for their daughter Milly who suffered cerebral palsy after delays during her birth at Lincoln County Hospital.


Compensation for surgery performed without effective anaesthesia

There can be fewer more terrifying nightmares than the prospect of having surgery carried out without anaesthesia.


Increased compensation for accelerated death

Risks in relation to surgical procedures do increase with age.


Negligent reporting of x-ray led to miscarriages and invasive fertility treatment

The Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust breached its duty of care in failing to diagnose Mrs X's uterine abnormality during an hysterosalpingogram.


Near death following bowel perforation during routine hernia repair

A medical trust failed to carry out a hernia operation adequately causing damage to our client's bowel in two places, leaving her in excruciating pain, needing further surgery and leaving excessive scarring.

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