Faulty equipment and vehicles

Imagine being the victim of the supply of faulty equipment and vehicles. You've just driven off in your new car only to discover a fault a few miles down the road. What an awful feeling.
Our motoring law experience
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Our motoring law experience

Whether brand new or used, chances are you'll have parted with a sizeable sum to buy it. If you believe you have been supplied with a faulty vehicle, or bought equipment for your vehicle that turns out to be faulty, you may be able to make a claim.

Other areas of expertise/types of claim

We have a dedicated and experienced team of lawyers dealing with consumer issues, including supply of faulty equipment and vehicles, and can advise you about:

  • faulty vehicles bought from a garage or privately
  • contractual queries concerning a vehicle purchase
  • equipment added to your vehicle which turns out to be faulty
  • malfunctioning vehicles

We will provide you with the very best outcome for your claim. If you have a motoring related dispute, our team would like to speak to you. We offer a free, no obligation consultation so that we understand your situation and can provide impartial advice on how best to settle your dispute.

Important things to consider

When buying a second hand vehicle you should consider:

  • If you buy a used or brand new car from a company and it develops a fault in the first six months, the onus is on the dealer that sold it to you to prove that the faults weren't present when you bought it. It won't be necessary for you to prove the problem isn't down to neglect or failure to service the car.
  • Buy a car with a full service history - this ensures that you are fully aware of any defects, and whether there is a recurring fault.
  • Get the vehicle checked for roadworthiness - have an agency such as the RAC test the vehicle and notify you of any faults. If you are purchasing a vehicle from a garage or company, the Sale of Goods Act will apply. However, if you buy privately, 'buyer beware' applies, and we'd urge you to have a mechanic inspect it before buying.
  • Thoroughly inspect the vehicle - if you decide not to instruct a garage or an agency to inspect the vehicle before buying, you should thoroughly inspect it yourself, looking for dents on the outside, and interior marks such as cigarette burns and rips. Always check that the spare tyre and jack are present.
  • Make a detailed note of all conversations that take place between you and the seller.
  • Keep all contractual documents in a safe place. If a problem arises a solicitor will need to inspect them. This includes all advertising materials.

If you go to a local garage to have your vehicle repaired or for a yearly service, you should consider:

  • In accordance with the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982, the garage must carry out work with reasonable skill and care, and products/equipment used must be of a satisfactory quality.
  • Ensure that you have discussed with the garage first what work is required, and confirm whether you are happy for the garage to proceed with it.
  • The work should be completed within a reasonable time.
  • It is always best to ask the garage to provide a quote for the likely cost of the work you want carried out. If you are unhappy with the cost, contact other garages and get other quotes. You will be expected to pay a reasonable price, and the garage will not be in a position to inflate the cost of work carried out.
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