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Our expert personal injury solicitors can provide expert legal advice and assistance in obtaining compensation if you have suffered an accident at work.


Shoosmiths Access Legal never lost their enthusiasm or interest in me and my family and I never lost faith in them.

Client who suffered an injury at work

Every day people are involved in accidents at work which can happen anywhere. Accidents at work are not only the result of immediate and obvious dangers like trip hazards or falls. They can also result from inadequate training, a lack of the recommended safety equipment required for the job or there may have been faulty or dangerous machinery involved.

Accidents can happen in any work environment. The more common accidents that occur in the workplace like trips, falls or getting trapped in machinery can result in fractured or broken bones and in some cases, very serious life changing injuries. However you were injured, our expert personal injury solicitors can help you get the care, support and compensation you deserve.

We helped Kathy after she suffered an accident at work. You can listen to her story and how we helped her in the video below.

Making a claim

Our solicitors have worked with many clients who have suffered an in jury in the workplace and can talk you through all of the options available to you and importantly,explain how the process of making a claim works in plain English.  If you are off work as a result of your injury, you will also be able to claim compensation for loss of income, any medicals costs incurred and for the necessary care and rehabilitation.

Employers Liability

Many people are reluctant to bring a workplace accident claim against their employer, which is understandable. Your employer has a duty in law to protect you in the workplace and keep you informed about health and safety matters while all employers should have insurance to cover accidents in the workplace.  

Suffering an injury at work can have a devastating impact on you, your family and your finances for the rest of your life. Your employer is legally obliged to provide a work environment that is safe to work in and reduce the risk of accidents happening.  The majority of employers live up to these legal obligations but unfortunately there are some who do not fulfil their responsibilities and who are not only breaking the law, they are also putting your life (and the lives of your co-workers and members of the public) at risk.

Why use Shoosmiths Access Legal?

Our expert team of personal injury solicitors have successfully represented thousands of workers who have suffered injuries as a result of accidents at work. We are also part of a large national law firm with 10 offices spread across the country meaning that wherever you are located, we are likely to be local to you and can arrange home visits to discuss your case, at your convenience.

We aim to provide an individual service that is sympathetic and focused on your specific needs. To achieve this, we spend time working with you to ensure we fully understand your situation and clearly explain everything you need to know.

Next Steps?

Your needs are our priority and we are here to help you through what is undoubtedly a stressful time. For an initial conversation about your case, you can contact our legal helpline on 03700 868 686 who can speak to you about your case and answer any questions you may have

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