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How do I make an asbestosis claim


How do I make an asbestosis claim

As a general rule you usually have to start a claim within three years of when you knew or ought to have known you were suffering from an illness caused by asbestos exposure. This is usually the date of diagnosis, not the date of exposure.

Once you have a confirmed diagnosis it is vitally important to act quickly and seek legal advice from a law firm that specialises in this work. Your lawyers should have a proven track record of successfully dealing with the serious issues surrounding asbestos related disease claims and be familiar with the fast track procedures in place for dealing with these cases.

Getting some form of damages for asbestosis is feasible if you contracted the disease as a result of asbestos exposure through your work. Since a House of Lords ruling in 2007, the courts have held that employers should have known exposing their employees to even low levels of asbestos dust created a significant health risk.

Therefore, for well over half a century from the mid-1960s at least, precautions should have been put in place and protective equipment issued by your employer. If the company was negligent in doing so, you can make a claim. You should talk to Access Legal straight away. We can give you the benefit of our experience in these cases, as well as help with the provision of medical treatment and objective advice about the likely success of you claim.

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