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Asbestos Claims

More about asbestosis claims


More about asbestosis claims

It can take decades for asbestosis to become apparent after exposure to the asbestos fibres which cause it. Before contacting a lawyer you should urgently seek medical advice. It could well be that you are suffering from pleural thickening or pleural plaques, both non-malignant diseases which also result from asbestos exposure.

Asbestosis is caused by inhaling asbestos fibres which scar the lung tissue, which then becomes hardened and incapable of absorbing oxygen and exchanging carbon dioxide. As a result, breathing can become restricted.

The symptoms of asbestosis usually include persistent coughing, a shortness of breath (after any physical activity, but eventually while resting as well) and tightness in the chest. A less common symptom is known as 'finger clubbing', where the ends of the fingers become swollen and red as a result of a fluid build-up.

You usually have to start a claim within three years of discovering you have an illness caused by asbestos exposure. This is usually taken to mean the date of diagnosis or the first 'date of knowledge', not three years from the time of asbestos exposure.

If you receive a diagnosis of asbestosis and wish to make a claim, there are fast track procedures that can be followed to ensure you get the help and support you need as soon as practicable. Access Legal’s specialist lawyers will be able to advise you about this and talk you through the process.

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