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Industrial Dermatitis Claims

How do I make a dermatitis claim


How do I make a dermatitis claim

There are time limits to making these claims (usually three years) so it’s best if we speak immediately after your confirmed diagnosis so we can advise you of your options.

These claims can be complex and demanding and it's important that your legal team specialise in this work and have good, established, relationships with the appropriate medical and other experts whose evidence will be crucial to your recovery and your claim.

It is sometimes possible to get legal advice through your trades union, which may have arrangements in place with a specified panel solicitor. You are not obliged to use the firm proposed and can ask any law firm to represent you in these cases.

Access Legal must be able to show that your condition was due to exposure to substances at work which would foreseeably cause dermatitis. We must then prove, on the balance of probabilities, that it was negiligence or non-compliance with the relevant regulations, on the part of your employer that directly lead to the condition.

If you feel you may have a case, call us for a free initial consultation. Our priority will always be your health and well-being. We can give you the benefit of our experience in such claims as well as an objective assessment of the likely success of your claim.

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