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Industrial Dermatitis Claims

If I have a dermatitis case


If I have a dermatitis case

The most important consideration is your health, so before considering a claim for compensation you should see your GP. Your doctor will usually be able to diagnose contact dermatitis from the appearance of your skin and by asking about your symptoms, when they first appeared and what substances you have been in contact with.

This will not only suggest the correct treatment you need, but will also help identify the cause, which if proven to be due to your work will mean we have a firm basis for taking action against your employer.

Your employer has a legal duty of care to ensure they provide a safe working environment and to carry out regular risk and safety assessments. The COSHH regulations in particular require an employer to provide protective equipment and clothing if necessary. Of course, employees also have a duty to use that equipment.

If we prove that more likely than not it was your employer’s failure to comply with regulations and neglect of their duty to protect you in the workplace that directly caused your illness, you will be well placed to make a successful dermatitis claim.

Access Legal understands that the cost of legal advice can be a worry, but if you do have a claim there are funding options, such as no-win-no-fee, available. We will always find a way to help that best suits your individual needs and can ensure that any compensation awarded does not affect your continuing entitlement to means tested state benefits.

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