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Nasal Cancer Claim

Can I claim compensation


Can I claim compensation?

You may be able to claim compensation for your condition. It is vital that you instruct a solicitor who has specialist knowledge in this complex area of law so that you can be given the best possible advice on your claim and the prospect of pursuing a claim.

Before you see a solicitor it is important that you have as much information as possible about your employment and the substance or process that may have exposed you to the agent that has caused the condition. The date when you were exposed can be very crucial in advising you on the success of the claim and what steps your employer should have taken to prevent you being exposed.

Do not be too concerned if your employer is no longer trading. Often companies are sold or taken over and we will ensure that we undertake a forensic investigation to determine if they still exist and who their insurers were at the time when you were employed by them and exposed to the cancer causing agent concerned.

Time is of the essence in these cases. The sooner you act the better your chances of receiving compensation.

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