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Tennis Elbow (Epicondylitis) Claims

How do I make an epicondylitis and tennis elbow claim


How do I make an epicondylitis and tennis elbow claim

If you or a relative are experiencing problems which you suspect may be a result of repetitive strain injuries sustained at work, the first thing to do is see your GP to get a confirmed diagnosis of epicondylitis. This is not only essential to determine what treatment and rehabilitation you might need, but also gives us a much firmer basis of a recognised and diagnosed condition on which to proceed with your claim.

The symptoms of epicondylitis may appear only gradually, so for a claim to have any prospect of success there needs to be a viable diagnosis and a causative link between the condition and the nature of your work. There are strict time limits within which you must claim, but if successful your claim will help compensate for any loss of earnings and meet the cost of any care or future treatment and rehabilitation you may require.

It is sometimes possible to get legal advice through your trades union, which may have arrangements in place with a specified panel solicitor. You are not obliged to use the firm proposed and can ask any law firm to represent you in these cases.

However, these claims are as complex and demanding as any medical negligence or personal injury case. Whichever firm you select, is important that they specialise in this work and have good, established, relationships with the appropriate medical and other experts whose evidence will be crucial to your claim.

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