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Tenosynovitis Claims

If I have a tenosynovitis case


If I have a tenosynovitis case

The exact cause of tenosynovitis is unclear. There are variations of tenosynovitis such as De Quervain’s tenosynovitis which affects the thumb and stenosing tenosynovitis (sometimes called Trigger Finger) which usually affects either the middle finger, fourth finger or the thumb).

Symptoms include pain, stiffness, aching, swelling and an inability to straighten the affected area, or a loss of grip or strength.

Most medical authorities believe that tenosynovitis is usually caused by repetitive movements or overuse of tendons and muscles. However, it is often difficult to prove that the injury was a result of your work. Establishing causation (linking the condition to your work) is crucial in these cases.

The onus of proving that the employer was at fault rests with the injured party. However, employers are still obliged to comply with the appropriate regulations for breaks and other preventative measures and equipment such as wrists rests for keyboards. If your employer has failed to do those things, it's likely we can prove their negligence and hence make a successful claim.

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