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Breach of Covenant

How can I get my property back


How can I get my property back?

In order to get a tenant out and your property back it is necessary to serve a notice. Only when the notice has been properly completed, served on the tenant and expired can we look to progress this matter on your behalf. For us to progress the matter we will need to issue court proceedings in the county court.

Court proceedings are necessary before a tenant can be lawfully removed from a property. Only a County Court Bailiff or a High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO's) can lawfully remove a tenant from a property. Bailiffs or HCEO's can only be appointed once a county court has ordered that the tenant give the property back to the landlord.

The court will generally allow 14 days for a tenant to give up possession of a property (though it can sometimes be as much as 42 days). Only when the period specified in the order has expired can the bailiff or HCEO be instructed.

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