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Accelerated Tenant Eviction

Accelerated tenant eviction process


Accelerated tenant eviction process

You can only use the accelerated possession procedure to claim vacant possession and your costs of making the application including court fees. You cannot include a claim for arrears of rent and if rent is also claimed this will nullify the entire accelerated possession proceedings.

In order to grant the accelerated possession order, the court will require sight of the Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement, the Section 21 Notice and evidence of the service of the Section 21 Notice. If granted, an accelerated possession order remains in force for six years from the date of the order.

As long as the paperwork is in order, there is no defence available to the tenant and the accelerated possession order will be made requiring the tenant vacate the property within (usually) 14 days.

Once the possession order has expired, if the tenant has not vacated the property, we will need to instruct the County Court Bailiff to formally evict them. This is done by making a request for a warrant of possession. Once a request for a warrant for possession has been sent to the Bailiff, it usually takes up to 21 days to receive notification of an eviction date.

It is possible to use High Court Enforcement Officers in some cases but you should discuss all you options with us at an early stage if you wish to use High Court Sheriffs. The tenant eviction date by County Court Bailiffs outside London would normally be within six weeks of the order being granted.

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