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Accident & Emergency (A&E) Claims

How do I make an AE treatment claim


How do I make an A&E treatment claim?

A compensation claim would usually be brought against the NHS Trust responsible for the accident and emergency department in which you were treated. It does not matter if the mistakes were made by the immediate A&E attending staff or supporting personnel such as radiographers or pharmacists as the Trust itself will usually be responsible for the actions of its staff.

There is usually a three year time limit from the date of the negligent treatment within which you can make a claim. Although, there can, in some specific circumstances be exceptions to this general rule, if you do not act within these time limits then you could lose your right to claim. You should also be aware that these claims can be complex, lengthy and demanding cases. This is why it is recommended that you seek appropriate advice as soon as is practicable.

It is important that your chosen law firm has solicitors who specialise in medical negligence work, as they will have the necessary experience and resources to handle your case. Solicitors who specialise in this work will often be members of specialist panels such as the Law Society Clinical Negligence Panel and/or the AvMA Panel.

An NHS Trust should normally have its own internal complaints process and you do have the option of pursuing this route as well as investigating legal action and the lawyers as Access Legal can advise you on both of these courses of action.

If you believe that you may have received negligent A&E treatment, then call Access Legal for a free initial consultation.

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