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Back Surgery & Spinal Surgery Claims

How do I make a back and spinal claim


How do I make a back and spinal claim

Back and spinal injury claims as a result of surgical negligence are relatively rare, but when surgical error does occur it can cause many serious and often life-long injuries which must be taken into account in any damages settlement. However, the damage was caused, you have the right to make a claim for the pain and suffering you may have suffered.

First, contact Access Legal as soon as possible, as we specialise in this type of work. These cases are complex and there is a time limit (usually three years) within which you can make a claim. It is important that your lawyers have both the expertise and contacts with the appropriate spinal and back experts whose evidence will be crucial to your injury claim.

An NHS Trust or private hospital will have their own complaints procedure and a written complaint should always be considered. This will show that you tried other approaches if you later bring legal action.

Call Access Legal for a free initial consultation. We can give you objective advice about the options you should consider, no matter how severe your injuries might be. We will consider all the issues in your case alongside a range of specialist medical experts and spare no effort to recover compensation designed to help you cope with the effects of your injury.

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