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Cerebral Palsy Claims

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Do I have a cerebral palsy case


Do I have a cerebral palsy case

Where negligence, a word perhaps better understood as “fault”, has caused a brain injury such as through delay in identifying or responding to foetal distress during labour, it ought to be possible to make a successful cerebral palsy claim.

In the aftermath of a traumatic birth, the last thing on concerned parents’ minds at such an emotional time will be whether they have a legal claim. Attention will rightly be focused on the baby’s immediate well-being, rounds of medical appointments and coping with the many challenges cerebral palsy brings. Although, many parents seem to know almost instinctively if something went wrong with mother and child’s care, some leave it many years before seeking legal advice. We do though recommend that expert legal advice is taken sooner rather than later.

Cerebral palsy cases are complex and can take years to conclude. Wait too long and evidence might be lost or forgotten. Concerned parents should contact Access Legal for advice about cerebral palsy claims as soon as possible. Initial consultations can be arranged quickly and on a no cost to you and no commitment basis. After all, you need to be sure you can work with your solicitor and feel entirely comfortable that they will represent you and your child expertly and sympathetically.

Once liability is proven, families need not wait until the end of a case for support. Substantial interim payments of compensation can be obtained to provide immediate help with care and adapted accommodation whilst the full amount of the claim is carefully investigated.

Access Legal's experts have successfully won record-breaking sums of compensation and work with other specialist colleagues to access a range of advice to ensure the future financial, medical, educational and social needs of a client with cerebral palsy are met as fully as possible. If we believe you have a good case, our cerebral palsy lawyers will act for you with passion and commitment working tirelessly for the justice and lifetime support your child deserves.

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