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Fatal Accident Claims

How do I make a fatal medical negligence claim


How do I make a fatal medical negligence claim?

These can be complex, lengthy and demanding cases, especially if an inquest is held. Some people may be content to receive an apology when treatment fell short of the required standards so they can move on and begin to deal with their loss.

A formal complaint within six months of the death should get a response from the NHS Trust or the private consultant or surgeon involved. That in itself may be sufficient to put your mind at ease.
If you wish to make a compensation claim you should contact an experienced medical negligence lawyer, like us, specialising in fatal medical negligence claims. Access Legal has the knowledge and expertise to properly investigate your claim and to maximise your compensation.

If the death was considered ‘suspicious’ and an inquest is to held it’s crucial you contact us before the inquest takes place. This gives us the time we need to obtain the evidence we need, including the medical records to put us in the strongest position to help.

Having legal representation at an inquest also means there is someone who can guide you through the process and explain what's happening. Although the Inquest will not apportion blame for the death, it can provide information that could be helpful to your claim.

If you feel you may have a case, call Access Legal for a free initial consultation and we can give you the benefit of our experience and expertise.

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