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How long will a fatal medical negligence claim or inquest take


How long will a fatal medical negligence claim or inquest take?

There is no simple answer to the question of how long a claim may take. These sensitive and emotional cases require legal expertise and a great deal of patience.

Progress will be dictated by how quickly the investigation into the death is carried out and whether the other party admits that the treatment received was negligent and that it caused, contributed to or accelerated the death.

We will need access to medical records and obtain independent expert medical opinion on the standard of the care received and the cause of the death. The time it takes to obtain the records depends on the co-operation of the other side and whether the records are complete when they are disclosed and whether they need to be obtained from a number of different sources.

Access Legal will also need to obtain expert medical opinion about the standard or treatment given and the time taken to compile these reports depends on the type and complexity of the claim. If the death was sudden or unexpected an inquest may be required. It may be appropriate to await the outcome of the inquest before bringing a civil claim as the coroner’s verdict may prove very helpful in any subsequent civil compensation claim.

We will always help you to seek answers from those responsible as quickly as possible and aim to settle your case without delay, but it will take time to ensure we achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family.

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