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General Medical Problem Claims

If I have a case about general medical problems


If I have a case about general medical problems

If you are dissatisfied with the medical care that you have received and/or believe that you have been injured as a result of substandard medical treatment, then irrespective of whether or not you have grounds to bring a formal claim, you are entitled to an explanation as to what has happened and why the outcome was not as expected. A treating doctor is professionally required to inform a patient when a treatment has gone wrong. In cases where medical treatment has resulted in a death, then certain classes of individuals (e.g. spouses) can take action in their own right and on behalf of the deceased’s estate.

In these cases it is first necessary to prove that a doctor made negligent mistakes in your care and then go onto show that injury or death was either caused, or materially contributed to, by that failing in care.

In order to do this, we need to obtain evidence from a number of sources to support and prove your claim. We need to obtain your medical notes and records, witness statements and reports from independent medical experts to establish whether or not your medical care was sub-standard and if it was whether you were injured as a result of that substandard care.

Examples of breaches of a duty of care which can potentially give rise to these sorts of claim include a delayed diagnosis, a failure to appropriately warn of the risks of certain types of treatment so as to obtain proper informed consent, medication errors, negligent surgical procedures or techniques and delays in referrals to specialists. This list is not exhaustive and each case is judge on its own specific facts.

If Access Legal can prove on your behalf that you have suffered injury and losses because of substandard medical care, then you will have a potential claim for compensation


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