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How do I make a gynaecology and pregnancy claim


How do I make a gynaecology and pregnancy claim?

If you had negligent ante-natal care, a poorly managed labour or your baby wasn't properly cared for after birth and suffered an injury, you may be able to make a claim.

A claim would be bought against those responsible for your ante-natal care or management of your pregnancy. Claims are often against the hospital Trusts themselves rather than individual doctors or nurses.

Medical negligence is a complex area and therefore the most important step is to contact an expert law firm like Access Legal which specialises in this work. Proving negligence by those charged with your care is based on expert medical opinion. The input of respected, experienced and independent medical experts is crucial to the success of your claim. Your chosen law firm should have well established relationships with the best medical experts.

It is possible that your child is so severely injured that when they start school they will require a statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN). This is often a difficult time for parents and they have to fight for the rights of their child. Choosing a firm with legal expertise in SEN provision is an important consideration to ensure that your child receives the right plan for them. Access Legal has specialist legal advice to offer in this area.

Whatever the circumstances of your case, Access Legal can help you to get answers to your questions, sometimes an apology and most importantly to get all the practical and financial support you need for the future.

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