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How do I make a claim for an injury to a child

How do I make a claim for an injury to a child


How do I make a claim for an injury to a child

This is a highly specialist area of law and there are time limits for starting a claim. You should contact Access Legal’s expert lawyers as soon as possible who can give you initial advice, usually without any cost or obligation to use our services.

Compensation claims can be brought on behalf of children under 18 who have suffered negligent medical treatment, but a child cannot bring a claim themselves as they are deemed too young to have legal capacity.

Claims must be brought on their behalf by a “litigation friend”. This is usually a parent although any other relative or a trusted family friend could act in this capacity. Their role is to instruct the solicitor, act in the best interests of the child and sign legal documents on behalf of the child.

At this difficult time the immediate concern will be your child’s health and well-being. Access Legal will be able to obtain records and investigate the avoidable errors or negligence that lead to your child being hurt. We will work with medical experts to establish your child’s immediate needs and, subject to establishing an admission of liability, seek to fund any immediate assistance they need by interim payments from the other side.

We aim to provide, practical and emotional help your family might need and build a case that accurately values the cost of any current and future support your child requires. This could be life-long and expensive if their injuries are severe.

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