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Negligent PRENATAL Advice

More about negligent prenatal advice claims


More about negligent prenatal advice claims

Although most pregnancies end with the birth of a healthy baby, in some cases avoidable complications can arise during pregnancy which could result in permanent injury to the baby or the mother.
As a result there are a number of babies who are born with a birth defect which can be life threatening that should have been diagnosed and treated before birth.

If the signs of maternal or gestational diabetes are not detected when they should be or if a screening test is not carried out when it should have been, the condition if left undiagnosed and untreated can lead to brain and heart defects in the developing baby or even miscarriage.

It can also cause the baby to grow to a large size which can make the baby more difficult to deliver. As a consequence of a poorly managed delivery of a large baby the baby is at risk from Erb's Palsy and Brachial Plexus injuries which damage the nerves that control the muscles in the shoulder, arm and hand.

Pre-eclampsia is a very serious condition that can lead to the death of both mother and baby. It is a defect in the placenta and a failure to diagnose pre-eclampsia at regular prenatal checks which then goes on to cause an injury to with mother or baby may also be grounds for making a claim.

Although a number of these problems cannot be prevented, increasingly sophisticated tests and scanning equipment, if properly used and interpreted, should result in safer and more accurate diagnosis at an earlier stage. If this does not happen, Access Legal may be able to help you in obtaining some redress.

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