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If I have a case about care home neglect


If I have a case about care home neglect

These cases are distressing, but establishing if there is a case for a care home neglect claim is a matter of evidence and judgement. Care home neglect should also not be confused with care home abuse.

It may be difficult enough when your loved one suffers through poor administration or simple carelessness but it is all the more shocking when actual, deliberate, physical or psychological abuse is involved, as in some recent high profile care home scandals.

In cases of abuse preventing any further harm being done and ensuring your relative's immediate safety is the first priority. The police, or coroner, may be involved and relatives may be faced with a choice of civil or criminal action.

Different standards of evidence are needed for a police prosecution compared to a civil claim.

In civil claims you need to 'prove' what you allege is more likely than not to have happened. In criminal cases, proof has to be 'beyond reasonable doubt'. Good legal advice and support is essential to choose the right course of action.

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