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Infection & Failure To Diagnose Claims

How do I make a claim involving an infection


How do I make a claim involving an infection

There is usually a three year time limit to making a claim, but these can be complex, lengthy and demanding cases. The first thing to do is to contact an expert law firm like Access Legal which specialises in this work.

We will need to review your medical records, take witness statements and obtain details of the hospital’s hygiene practices and procedures and whether any hygiene audits performed. We need to determine whether there was a failure to diagnose and appropriately treat the infection with the appropriate antibiotics, or whether the infection was acquired in hospital as a consequence of a failure in hygiene practices or infection control. This requires understanding of the medical issues surrounding your case as well as legal expertise. At Access Legal we have proven medico-legal knowledge as well as relationships with independent medical experts who will be needed to provide an opinion on whether the care provided was to the acceptable standard and what injury was caused as a consequence of any substandard care.

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