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Informed Consent Negligence

How do I make a claim about informed consent


How do I make a claim about informed consent

There is usually a three year time limit to making such a medical negligence claim. As with all medical negligence claims, cases involving a lack of informed consent can be complex, lengthy and demanding. If you believe that you were not advised properly about the pros and cons of treatment you have undergone; and you have suffered harm as a result of that, then we would suggest that you contact Access Legal which specialises in this work for an initial discussion of your potential claim.

If we believe that you have a potential claim, then we will need to evaluate your medical records and take witness statements from you (and anyone else who was with you during the relevant discussions with your doctor) to obtain evidence to prove whether or not your informed consent was obtained to undergo the treatment that has resulted in your harm. Any surgical procedure or other treatment may have been carried out perfectly competently but, if we can prove that you suffered harm as a result of a well-known side effect or other predictable risk associated with the procedure and had you been made fully aware of those risks and understood all the possible problems associated with a proposed treatment beforehand, you would not  have chosen to undergo that procedure and would have decided to have different treatment then you would have a potential claim in clinical negligence based on a lack of informed consent.

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