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Hearing Loss & Deafness Claims

How long will my deafness claim take


How long will my deafness claim take

These cases, like clinical negligence claims in general, can be complex and lengthy and there is no guarantee of a successful outcome. First, we'll need to obtain copies of your medical records and instruct independent medical experts to consider the standard of medical care that you have received.

This will indicate whether your care was indeed substandard and if your hearing loss is linked to that negligent care. If that evidence supports your claim, we would usually then obtain independent medical evidence dealing with your current condition and prognosis and to start to obtain evidence to investigate the potential financial losses that you might have suffered.

This information gathering exercise can be a complex and lengthy process but it is vital so that all the necessary evidence is obtained and your claim is properly investigated so that we can look to recover the appropriate amount of compensation.

The approach adopted by the other side usually affects the time that a case will take to settle. If they admit that they have been negligent and accept our evidence, then the case will settle more quickly than where the other side disputes everything. It is often the case that these claims will settle through negotiations. It’s rare to go to trial, but this always remains a possibility as with any clinical negligence claim. We will seek early part payments of compensation for you wherever we can.

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