Pulmonary Embolism Claims

How long will a claim about pulmonary embolism take


How long will a claim about pulmonary embolism take

There is no standard timescale in any medical negligence case. It depends how serious your injuries are, how long you need to recover and how quickly the other party admits liability.

We'll need access to records and evidence from independent experts to provide reports, initially to establish if there's a case to be answered. We then need to obtain evidence about your current condition and future health and what help you are likely to require in the future.

Your personal circumstances and career prospects will dictate whether we'll need to take account of lost earnings if you cannot return to work and work out the cost of help and support you may need, potentially for life. This information is vital so that all of the necessary evidence is obtained to allow us to recover full compensation to which you're entitled.

The attitude of the other side also affects the time it takes to settle. Sometimes, they'll accept our evidence and valuation or they may dispute it in which case we will try and negotiate. The length of time spent in such negotiations can vary. It’s rare for these cases to go to trial, but some can.

We will always aim to settle your case without delay, but it’s important we take the time to achieve the best possible outcome for you so you can look to the future with more security. We will seek early part payments of compensation for you wherever we can.

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