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Sepsis or Septicemia Claims

If I have a case about septicemia


If I have a case about septicemia

As the claimant the onus will be on you, with our expert assistance, to prove your claim, but such proof need only be on balance of probability (i.e. a greater than 50% likelihood) that the failure of care was indeed responsible for the injuries you have suffered.

A medical negligence compensation claim is quite different to other types of personal injury action. The most important evidence to support your claim will come from independent medical experts whose opinions will be crucial. The choice of expert and the way their evidence is used can influence the amount of compensation you recover.

There are time limits within which you can claim so whatever your circumstances you should contact Access Legal as soon as is practicable. These can be complex, lengthy and demanding cases, and the first priority must always be your health.

The lawyers at Access Legal are medical negligence specialists and members of specialist panels of the Law Society or patient safety charity AvMA (Action against Medical Accidents). They understand and are able to interpret the medical evidence as well as the law and have the necessary experience and skills to handle your case.

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