How do I make a claim about stress and shock related illness

How do I make a claim about stress and shock related illness


This is specialist work requiring both legal and medical knowledge to understand and appreciate what evidence is required and to interpret that evidence when it is obtained.

Your lawyers must have relationships with the appropriate medical experts who can assess whether your care was indeed sub-standard. However in these cases psychiatric experts must also be engaged to determine the nature of your psychological injuries.

Mental harm is less obvious than gross physical damage but can be just as debilitating. We will need expert opinion to confirm your prognosis and also to establish that you are indeed suffering from a ‘recognisable psychiatric illness’ and therefore entitled to claim.

Access Legal must show that the failure or delay in diagnosing your problems and the impact that may have had on giving your prompt treatment was negligent. We must be able to prove that, in all likelihood, you suffered psychological as well as physical harm as a direct consequence of sub-standard care.

There are time limits to making these claims and it’s best if we speak with you as soon as possible. If you feel you may have a case, call us for a free initial consultation. At Access Legal, our priority will always be your health and well-being. Our specialist solicitors can give you the benefit of our experience in stress claims as well as an objective assessment of whether your claim is likely to be successful.

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