If I have a case about stress and shock related illness

If I have a case about stress and shock related illness


In order to determine whether you have a case for making a stress and shock related illness claim as a consequence of clinical negligence, it will be necessary to establish that a doctor has failed to meet the relevant standard of care.

We then need to show that this failure directly caused your psychological injuries or significantly contributed to them. It may be easy to prove that the doctor did something wrong but often it’s difficult to show that this error directly caused your injuries. It’s also difficult to prove that, although a client may be in obvious mental distress, their anxiety qualifies as a recognised mental illness.

For example, you may suffer extreme distress bordering on grief because a negligent cosmetic surgery procedure has completely undermined your self-confidence and self-esteem. However, unless your distress is considered a recognised psychiatric illness, you will not be able to bring a claim for psychological injury or include that emotional and mental damage as a part of a clinical negligence claim.

Awards of general damages in these cases can be very low. Most of the money will usually be awarded for future loss rather than for the actual injury itself. Our understanding and experienced lawyers will talk you though all the options and have excellent contacts with leading psychiatric experts who can diagnose your condition and help determine whether you have a case.

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