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How long will a stroke claim take


How long will a stroke claim take

There is no simple answer to this question. It depends on how serious your injuries are and whether the other party admits or disputes liability.

Access Legal will need access to records and medical evidence from independent experts initially to establish if there is a case to be answered. We then need to obtain evidence about your immediate needs and what assistance you are likely to require on an ongoing basis. We will also need to examine your personal circumstances and employment prospects to enable us to take account of lost earnings if you cannot return to work and assess whatever help and support you may need.

The progress of any rehabilitation is also important in stroke claims. We need to get an accurate assessment of the extent to which you will make a recovery and how long that might take. If your claim is settled too quickly and it becomes clear that you will need a lot more intervention and help than initially thought, we cannot re-open a settled claim and ask for more money.

How co-operative the other side chooses to be can also affect the time it takes to settle. Sometimes, they will accept our evidence and our valuation or they may dispute it. We will then enter into negotiations in order to reach a settlement. The negotiation stage can take time. We will always aim to settle your case without delay, but our aim is to achieve the best possible outcome for you, however long that takes.

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