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Undiagnosed/Misdiagnosed Bone Fracture Claims

How long will my bone fracture claim take


How long will my bone fracture claim take

It is impossible to give a standard timescale in these cases. Some people may require additional surgery to correct problems arising from the initial accident. The possible health impact of all the procedures and complications you may have suffered will have to be considered as part of any settlement and that may take some time to establish.

We will need to obtain medical evidence from independent experts detailing exactly what injuries and damage you have suffered.

The way your opponent responds to your claim also influences how long things might take. Sometimes, they'll admit liability quickly on the basis of our evidence and accept our valuation. In other cases, they may require you to be assessed by their own expert and will value the case themselves.

At Access Legal, we need to take time to resolve your claim in your best interest. If you settle too early, you cannot re-open your claim should additional unforeseen problems arise later down the line. We will always aim to resolve your claim without undue delay and can sometimes obtain interim payments so you don’t have to wait until the end of the process before you receive some financial help.

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