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Undiagnosed/Misdiagnosed Bone Fracture Claims

More about bone fracture claims


More about bone fracture claims

Medical negligence claims frequently arise because fractures are missed in Accident and Emergency departments, because x-rays are misinterpreted or not taken at all.

Fractures of the scaphoid bone, one of eight small bones that make up the 'carpal bones' of the wrist are sometimes misdiagnosed. The injury usually results from a fall on an outstretched hand with the wrist extended. A cursory examination may reveal significant tenderness and there may be pain in the wrist accompanied by a decrease in grip strength.

Making a claim may be essential to make sure you do not have any financial worries, especially if you cannot work or enjoy a normal lifestyle due to your injury. If successful, your claim will ensure that you have the proper therapy and equipment to suit your needs as well as funding for comprehensive rehabilitation programmes to aid your recovery.

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