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Bowel Surgery Claims

How long will my bowel surgery claim take


How long will my bowel surgery claim take

It is difficult to give a precise timescale in these cases. Some people may require additional surgery to correct problems or require a colostomy bag for life. It will be necessary to consider what future procedures and complications may arise before the full extent of the claim can be established.

We will need to obtain medical evidence from independent experts detailing how your treating doctors fell below the expected standard of care and exactly what injuries and damage you suffered as a consequence of that negligent care.

The way the other side responds to a claim for a bowel injury caused by surgery also affects timescales. An early admission can result in quicker resolution of the claim, however, this may not be possible if you have ongoing health problems as it may not be possible to accurately value your claim until your future prognosis becomes clear. If the claim is defended it will generally take longer to complete. Timescales should be provided by your legal team as your case progresses.

Whilst a claim can settle at any point in proceedings, and we actively encourage early settlement where possible, there is only one opportunity to settle the claim, so we have to ensure that all future possibilities are protected and covered in the final settlement.

On some occasions, when an early admission of liability is made, we are able to obtain an interim payment of damages to fund necessary support whilst the claim is ongoing.

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