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Bowel Surgery Claims

If I have a bowel surgery case


If I have a bowel surgery case

Establishing whether you have a case following bowel surgery depends on establishing that a duty of care was owed to you, that the duty of care owned was breached by your treating hospital team (breach of duty) and that, as a consequence of that breach you have suffered injury or loss that otherwise would have been avoided (causation).

We must establish that you received sub-standard care and that as a consequence of that care you have suffered avoidable complications. Independent expert evidence is obtained to assist us with identifying whether the treating team were negligent. If an expert agrees you received sub-standard care and this has caused or contributed to your injury, you would have a good case for making a claim.

A bowel surgery claim may also be possible if you could not give informed consent because you were not given adequate information or warnings about the risks involved or had not been offered alternatives to surgery. In these circumstances we have to be able to demonstrate that had you been properly informed, you would not have gone ahead with the procedure. If surgery is performed in life saving circumstances, the consent process is slightly altered.

Once we have established breach of duty we then consider, on the balance of probabilities, whether your outcome would have been different with correct treatment. Independent expert evidence assists with this.

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