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Bowel Surgery Claims

More about bowel surgery claims


More about bowel surgery claims

Regardless of the type of bowel surgery required, it is likely to be a complex procedure demanding great skill. If negligently performed, it can lead to life-threatening and avoidable complications.
Problems associated with bowel surgery can include perforation of the bowel, infection of the wound, adhesions (which cause tissues or organs to stick together resulting in abdominal pain) and nerve damage which can lead to a loss of sensation affecting your sex life or bladder and bowel function.
An anastomotic leak can cause pain in the abdomen and require antibiotics and another operation to repair. A hernia in the line of the wound (incisional hernia) means part of the bowel protrudes through an opening in the abdominal wall, forming a bulge under the skin. Another operation may be necessary to repair the hernia or you may need to wear a support corset for life.
Access Legal has acted for clients with bowel injury claims where the surgery itself was negligently performed or in cases where there was delay or a failure to detect and prevent post-operative problems arising. Even before surgery is undertaken, the issue of informed consent often arises.
With such invasive and complex surgical procedures, it is essential that your surgeon explains all the potential risks involved to allow you to fully understand the options so your consent to the procedure may be truly informed.

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