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Cosmetic Surgery Claims

How long will my cosmetic surgery claim take


How long will my cosmetic surgery claim take

It is difficult to give a ‘standard timescale’ for any case of medical negligence. We will need medical evidence from independent experts to provide a variety of reports. In the first instance, they will need to report on whether there is a case to be answered by the other side.

Even if liability is admitted quickly by the other side, it can take several months to build up a complete picture about your condition and your future health. The way the other side responds to a cosmetic surgery claim also affects the time it takes to resolve. Sometimes, they will agree things on the basis of our evidence and valuation. In other cases, they may require you to be assessed by their own expert and will value the case themselves. We will then enter into negotiations in order to try and reach a settlement although we may need to ask a Judge in Court to decide how your claim can be resolved.

Access Legal will always aim to settle your claim without delay and can usually obtain interim payments so you don’t have to wait until the end of the process for financial help.

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