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Cosmetic Surgery Claims

If I have a cosmetic surgery case


If I have a cosmetic surgery case

Establishing whether you have a case for making a cosmetic surgery claim requires exactly the same effort and evidence as any other claim for clinical negligence. Access Legal’s expert lawyers need to show that it was the breach of the duty owed to you by the practitioner or plastic surgeon which directly caused the injury you suffered.

The onus will be on our expert cosmetic surgery solicitors to prove that 'on the balance of probability' (i.e. a greater than 50% likelihood) it was those failures, before, during or after surgery, which were directly responsible for the injuries you suffered.

It is important to note that, if the end result of the cosmetic surgery is not quite what you had hoped for, you will not necessarily be able to make a cosmetic surgery claim. To have a case, actual physical or psychological harm has to have been caused by negligent treatment.

It is necessary for Access Legal’s expert cosmetic surgery solicitors to prove that, if properly informed and warned, you would not have gone ahead with the procedure or that the use of an inappropriate procedure or faulty surgical technique has caused you injury, loss or damage in order to make a successful claim.

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