Eye Surgery Compensation & Ophthalmic Claims

If you have suffered eye problems and injury as a result of an ophthalmologist's avoidable surgical error or misdiagnosis, you may be able to bring a claim.


Eye claims can be made for ophthalmic injury following negligent treatment by opticians, hospital ophthalmology departments or as a result of negligent laser eye surgery.

Typical mistakes that could give rise to a claim include a failure to recognise or an avoidable delay in treating eye infections, glaucoma or a detached retina. Negligently performed cataract surgery might also be a basis for making an eye related ophthalmic compensation claim.

Eye related claims can stem from problems arising from laser eye surgery to correct refractive errors (LASIK and LASEK surgery). This is not available on the NHS (unless there is a risk of loss of vision) and so is provided by private clinics and commercial companies.

Whatever the cause of damage to your eyes, we would use expert evidence about the nature and extent of your injuries to assess whether a claim would be successful and accurately value any compensation you may be entitled to.

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Eye Related Ophthalmic Claims

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