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Hip Replacement & Orthopaedic Claims

More about claims involving hip replacement surgery


More about claims involving hip replacement surgery

Hip replacement operations are routinely carried out by both the NHS and by surgeons on a private basis. The standard of care should be the same irrespective of who performed the surgery and where it was performed.

A total hip replacement will involve replacing both the natural socket in the pelvis and the rounded ball at the head of the thigh bone (femoral head) with an artificial joint made of metal or plastic.

Hip resurfacing procedures involve covering the hip socket with a metal or plastic lined cup and the femoral head is covered with a cap preserving as much of the patient's bone tissue as possible.

Substandard surgical technique or the use of a the wrong type  or size of prosthesis or a failure to adequately manage and treat an infection are common reasons why hip replacement surgery fails giving rise to a claim for compensation. Defects in the replacement prosthesis can give rise to a claim against the manufacturer and/or supplier.

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