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NEGLIGENT Amputation Claims

More about negligent amputation claims


More about negligent amputation claims

Although extremely rare, there have been cases where a surgeon has mistakenly amputated the wrong limb. This is a NHS ‘never event’ (i.e. something that should never, ever, happen).

Negligent amputation claims can also result from an avoidable surgical error during an otherwise routine procedure or as a consequence of misdiagnosis, negligent delays in treatment or some other medical mistake by hospital staff or a GP.

Diabetes is a leading cause of amputation. Diabetics must take particularly good care of their feet and need specialist medical attention if they suffer an injury, infection or ulcer on their feet or legs. If medical practitioners fail to diagnose the disease or treat these complications, an avoidable surgical amputation may occur.

The loss of a limb can have an extensive psychological, physical and financial impact on an individual and their family. Getting used to a prosthesis and the psychological problems such as phantom limb pain or phantom limb sensation can be difficult to come to terms with.

Access Legal’s expert medical negligence lawyers are experienced in dealing with amputation claims and aim to support your medical, social and personal needs by securing early intervention and rehabilitation to help you overcome the obvious problems and challenges that the loss of a limb presents.

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