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Vascular Injury Claims

How do I make a vascular injury claim


How do I make a vascular injury claim

In order to establish whether you have a case for making a claim, as the Claimant you would have to prove with the support of Access Legal’s expert lawyers that there was a breach of the duty of care owed to you by the doctor or surgeon and it was that a breach of that duty of care which on the balance of probabilities (i.e. a greater than 50% likelihood) caused you to suffer the vascular injury and loss.

The most important evidence will come from independent medical experts whose opinions will be crucial. The choice of expert, the questions the expert is asked and the way their evidence is used is vital in determining whether or not there is a case to answer in the first place and the amount of damages you recover.

Your legal team must be able to understand and interpret that medical evidence as well as the law. They must have knowledge of the area of medicine relevant to your treatment and injury as well as experience of the litigation process. The expertise of the legal team is key to the amount of compensation you receive and whether you are successful overall.

Membership of specialist panels of the Law Society or patient safety charity AvMA (Action against Medical Accidents) will be a good indicator that the solicitor or law firm you have approached has the necessary expertise and resources  to handle your case.

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