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Vascular Injury Claims

How long will my vascular injury claim take


How long will my vascular injury claim take

It is difficult to give a timescale in these vascular injury cases. It might take several years to settle a claim as this is dependent on many factors. Some people may need repeated operations, or other further treatment to correct problems arising from the initial negligence.

The long term implications of those additional procedures and any subsequent rehabilitation will have to be considered as part of any settlement and that may take some time to establish. Obtaining the necessary expert medical evidence detailing the extent of injury and damage you have suffered will also take time to gather.

The way the other side responds to your compensation claim also dictates the length of time it takes to conclude a claim. Sometimes liability is admitted quickly on the evidence we have provided in the early stages of a claim, but in other cases the other side may require you to be assessed by their own expert so they can value the case themselves. This will take considerable extra time before negotiations commence to reach a satisfactory settlement.

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