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Concerns over recall of Ian Paterson’s private patients

Concerns over recall of Ian Paterson’s private patients


Kashmir Uppal - a specialist medical negligence partner at Access Legal involved in the case against convicted rogue surgeon Ian Paterson since 2010 - has expressed concerns that, some patients treated at Spire Parkway and Little Aston Hospitals may still not have had their medical care reviewed.

Found guilty of charges of wounding with intent relating to nine women and one man on 28 April 2017, Paterson was sentenced to 15 years in jail at Nottingham Crown Court on 31 May 2017. Paterson had been performing unnecessary surgical procedures at Spire Parkway Hospital in the West Midlands between 1997 and 2011, despite the fact that Spire Healthcare and the Heart of England NHS Trust where he was also employed, were aware of concerns about his practice and use of non-standard, unapproved and unsafe surgical techniques.

Kashmir’s concerns are based on the fact that, even since Paterson was sentenced, several women treated by the convicted breast surgeon have approached Access Legal because they had not received a recall from Spire Hospital. The initial round of recall appointments took place in 2012 and patients not included in that initial list may have assumed they were not affected by the issues involving the surgeon.

Kashmir said:

‘We were recently approached by a lady in precisely that position and upon our advice, she sought a recall. The recall appointment coincidentally took place on the same day as the sentencing of Ian Paterson and she was informed she had one set of unnecessary surgery and another set of surgery which was too invasive. She is understandably upset as she had believed she had nothing to worry about.’

 Based on that experience, Kashmir suggests any former private patient of Paterson who has not been recalled should consider requesting such an appointment to put their minds at ease:

‘The scale and extent of Paterson’s malpractice was considerable. Many others treated by Paterson may even now just be coming to terms with the enormity of his crimes and whether they could be affected. Either way, it is better to be safe than sorry and I am confident Spire Healthcare would treat any such request for a recall appointment with the urgency it deserves.’


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