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How can my case be funded


How can my case be funded?

When you first contact us we will discuss, without commitment on your part, the details of your case, your rights, how we can help and the cost of any advice and assistance we suggest we provide. This includes advice on any practical steps that you can take yourself before needing to get a solicitor involved. We'll give you a clear idea of what to do and how much it might cost.

Our clients either privately fund their case or sometimes have it funded through a current medical negligence/personal injury claim they have for their child. We offer a range of fixed and agreed fees packages to enable our clients to budget. We are always open and transparent about our fees and tailor our pricing to suit the particular family.

Access Legal focuses on settling cases at an early stage, wherever possible, and even where we quote a fixed/agreed fee we will only charge you for the actual hours worked if that is less than we estimated.

We do not offer public funding (legal aid). Should you require this please call the Civil Legal Aid line on 0845 345 4345.

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