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Accountant Negligence Claims

How do I make a claim against an accountant


How do I make a claim against an accountant

These claims can be complex and demand considerable amounts of evidence to prove your case. It is important that your legal team specialise in this work and have good relationships with the appropriate experts whose evidence may be crucial to your claim.

You will need to gather evidence of the negligence and the financial loss caused first. You will then need to follow the pre-action protocol for professional negligence claims. If that does not resolve your issue, you may then have to start a court action to claim your financial losses. The possibility of settling your dispute through negotiation or mediation should always be considered.

A professional negligence claim becomes time barred six years after the breach of contract or loss resulting from a negligent act by a professional. However, the negligence or financial loss caused may not be immediately obvious and it could be some time before you are aware that there is a problem. It is possible to bring a claim after the six year period has passed where you are not aware of the problem at the time the negligence occurs. This is a complicated area of law and you should seek legal advice if you are concerned about time limits for bringing an action.

If you feel you may have a case, call Access Legal for a free initial consultation without delay. Our professional negligence solicitors can give you the benefit of our experience in such claims as well as an objective assessment of its likely success.

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