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Accountant Negligence Claims

How long will my dispute against my accountant take


How long will my dispute against my accountant take

The honest answer is that it is impossible to say how long a claim for accountant negligence will take, but it is likely to be several months at least.

A claim against an accountant who failed to submit tax returns on time should be a relatively straightforward case where it is impossible for the professional to refute an act of negligence. In these circumstances, things could move relatively quickly.

Time may be added by the fact that you may first use your accountant's complaints procedure, escalating to their professional governing body or ultimately Ombudsman services before you contemplate legal action. However, you should consider whether making a complaint would mean that you cannot then take court action.

Most professionals carry indemnity insurance so your claim is not dealt with by the professional who failed you but by their insurer. As a result many of these claims are settled through negotiation or mediation without going to court, although the threat of litigation may be required in order to reach that point. Even if your claim does not settle by agreement, your willingness to be reasonable and pursue these channels will be noted and will count in your favour in court.

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