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If I can change my solicitor


If I can change my solicitor

You don't have to stay with the solicitors your insurance company nominates, the law firm you're told you 'must use' or your local family solicitor if you feel they don't have the expertise you need.

There is no legal obligation to continue any relationship with a firm of solicitors, even if they've accepted your instructions and started to work on your case. Many people do worry about the implications of 'changing horses in mid race', but you are free to appoint any other solicitor you like at any stage.

In most cases you won't have to pay anything to your previous solicitor if you do change firms. The new solicitor you select will simply send them a form and agree to recover the costs they may have incurred from the other side at the conclusion of your claim or action. Changing solicitor won't invalidate any legal expenses insurance you may have either, since your right to choose or change solicitor is enshrined in Regulation 6 of the Insurance Companies (LEI) Regulations 1990.

Whatever solicitor you decide to appoint, don't be afraid to ask a lot of questions so you can get an idea of how knowledgeable, professional and responsive they are. It's also important that whoever you appoint understands your situation and can manage your claim with professional skill and a degree of empathy that suggests you are regarded as a person rather than just a case number.

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