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Solicitor Negligence Claims

more about claiming against a solicitor


more about claiming against a solicitor

Unfortunately a case handled by a negligent solicitor can only be re-opened in exceptional circumstances. The verdict or ruling given at the conclusion of a case, even if conducted negligently, will normally stand.

If you lost a possible compensation claim because a negligent solicitor failed to meet court submission deadlines for example, then as a general rule there is nothing we can do to re-open or revise those proceedings. We will advise you at the outset if there is anything that can be done to re-open your case

What we can do in such cases is argue that if your solicitor had not missed those deadlines through their negligence, the probable result of a court hearing would have been such that you were likely to have been awarded a sum in compensation. We would have to show that the negligence directly caused the loss or damage you suffered. If such 'causation' cannot be established, there can be no claim.

A further example of solicitor negligence is if a solicitor acted for you in the purchase of a property and failed to carry out all of the necessary searches, and you later learn of a problem which your solicitors should have picked up on, and which decreases the value of your property.

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