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Surveyor Negligence Claims

How do I make a claim against a surveyor


How do I make a claim against a surveyor

To prove a claim for professional negligence it is necessary to show that the surveyor had a duty of care towards you and that their actions in carrying out the survey fell below a reasonable standard you could expect from a competent professional. You must also be able to demonstrate that this negligence lead directly to you suffering some form of financial loss.

You will have to gather evidence in support of your claim and it is likely that you will have to obtain an expert report from an independent surveyor setting out what a reasonably competent surveyor should have advised upon or included in their report.

You will then have to follow the pre-action protocol for professional negligence claims, and settlement discussions and/or mediation may follow. If your issue still is not resolved, you may then have to go on to start a court action. Access Legal can guide you through all stages of this process.

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